Saturday, April 12, 2014

Our new friends from INTERCULTURA - AFS

Hello, everyone!
   This week we met new interesting friends, coming from different countries of the world:

They are attending the school year in the south of Italy through the association INTERCULTURA, but they spent this week in Saronno. 

On Wednesday afternoon they came to our school, Pizzigoni Primary School, and met the children of the fifth year, who interviewed them and made posters and wrote essays about this experience.
This is what we did:

Intercultura AFS

More PowerPoint presentations from Chiara Mantegazza

The children enjoyed this afternoon very much: they were really very excited and happy to meet the foreign students and asked them many questions.

This experience was emotionally powerful and helped the children to think about prejudices and sterotypes and to try to overcome them.
                     Intercultura is looking for hosting families for the next school year: have a look at their site  - having a brother or sister coming from the other side of the world is bound to be an exciting experience for your children!
And don't worry about your house: if Ian, from Guatemala, put up with living in my witch's cavern, your house will surely be OK!


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