Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas activities

Hello, everyone!
Find fantastic Christmas activities on LearnEnglish Kids: 

Now have a look at the North Pole, where Santa Claus lives. He's getting ready to fly around the world with his sleigh and reindeer. If someone at your side can help you, answer the questions and find out if you're on Santa's naughty or nice list (...I must admit I'm on the naughty list at present... I promise I'll be good till Christmas!).

Now click on the yellow pencil under this post and send me a "comment" telling me if you're on the Naughty or Nice list!

YUM! YUM! The Christmas pudding! Click and see the traditional Christmas Dinner in England:

And now listen and find Christmas words (the speaker is American) - no reading required :
Enjoy yourself and... Merry Christmas!!!!

P.S. Can you find out and tell me the names of Santa's reindeer?

Clare - the Witch


Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How many?

Hi, everyone?

       How are you?  I hope you're fine, so you can answer these questions, write them down and either bring your answers to school or send them through email!
                 Ready? OK, now send me your answers!
(If you are a teacher, you can go to my page at the top of the screen: FOR EFL TEACHERS: MIX)
Bye bye,
Clare - the Witch