Friday, October 30, 2015

Looking for Dracula!

This Halloween we went on a scary trip... looking for Dracula!!!

To go looking for Dracula, you must be in disguise - look at us wearing our capes and our fangs:

Off we go, looking for Dracula!

Are you brave? 
Put your hand into the ghost's mouth, and feel a mysterious object... What is it?

Thanks for the delicious sweets, cake and biscuits!

What horrible fangs!!

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Five Golden Autumn Leaves

Hi! How are you?

When you went home after school on Friday, you all looked like beautiful coloured trees in autumn!

With the frottage technique, we made the autumn leaves for our trees:

The we sang this autumn song:

Thanks a lot to Such Fun for this song!

Here we are, all singing along:


It's Autumn

What season is it?
It's autumn.

The weather is often rainy and windy in autumn 

and you often need to open your umbrella!

If you're wearing boots 

(not sandals,
or trainers!)

you can jump into puddles!

In autumn you can eat apples
and grapes

and if you go walking in a wood
with your basket
you can pick berries:



and mushrooms

In autumn the leaves on the trees change colour.
They turn yellow, red, orange, brown and purple.

Do you like autumn? I love the colours of autumn!

Enjoy autumn!