Thursday, October 24, 2013

Do you like sport?


I like sport!  My favourite sport is swimming; what about you?
Listen to a story:

Practise words about sport:

Listen to another story:

Listen and walk along this sport maze:

Practise words for sports:

Which sports do you play with a ball?

To learn and practise English vocabulary connected to sports:

Test your memory:

Well, now you can go out and play football, volleyball, basketball or... whatever you like!
Clare - the Witch

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sport is great!

Hello, everybody!

Click on the following link and write the words:

Click here and do the crosswords:

This frog game is more difficult: do it many times!

 Clare – the Witch

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Hello, everyone!

How are you doing?

It's autumn at the moment; have a look at this simple presentation of this season:


mmm I wish I had some hot chestnuts for my afternoon snack!


Clare - the Witch

Back to school!

Hi, everybody!

                    How are you? I'm fine. I'm sure you wish it were still summer - so do I!
But it's autumn again and school has started...
Even the President of the USA understands how you're feeling now: click and listen to his 2009 Back to School message.
I know: it's difficult, but if you download the script you can follow Obama's message more easily.
To download the full script click the cheetah cub:

To download an extract of the script (from 02.10 to 05.26 of the YouTube video) with a fill-in-the-gaps activity click the eagle:

If you really can't figure out what the missing words are click the fox cub:
Now watch the video:

Have a good school year!!!