Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Present simple and present continuous

Hi, everyone!
Watch the video about these two English tenses:
What are you doing right now? I'm writing this post, but ... I should be sleeping! Good night!
Clare - the Witch

Daily routines activities

Hello, everyone!

The following links offer you activities on the topic:

(please note the spelling of "chose" is wrong: it should be "choose")

Well, enjoy yourself and remember to put on your scarf, your gloves and your boots: it's very cold outside!

 Clare – the Witch

Daily routines questions

Hi, everyone!

Click on the picture and watch a video about daily routines. Answer the questions yourself, like the kid you can hear in the video, using:
      Yes, always
                        Yes, sometimes
                                                No, never.

Clare - the Witch

What's the time?

Hi! Now that you're learning how to say the time in English, try this list of games about time.
First, match the clocks with the right times:

Now move the hands of the clock  to the right time:

The next game is more fun, but you need to be very precise at stopping the minutes hand: you get 1000 points if it's at the right time (SPOT ON), only 750 if it's near (SO CLOSE).
If it's too fast for you, you can adjust hands speed at the beginning

This is quite a big book about time and numbers:

It's now time for a quiz, do your best:

Well, now it's bed time! Good night!

Clare - the Witch

Time and daily routine

Hi, everyone! How are you?
The test  is getting nearer, so get more exercise on time and daily routine with this book made by a French teacher of English (Click this book, then click Afficher en plein Ă©cran):

And... good luck for your test!
Bye bye,

 Clare - the Witch

Saturday, January 11, 2014

What's your favourite book?

Hi, everybody!
       Do you like reading? I do!
Click on the picture and you can do a poll about your favourite books. I've put in the poll some of the books we have in our classroom: you can give each book five stars if you like it very very much, four or less stars if it's not one of your favourites, or click N/D if you don't know or remember the book.
If you want, you can write a short comment for each book.
When you're done, click Fine.


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