Hi, everyone!
              Click on the Union Jack to find the documents collection London: lesson plan, presentation and Worksheet about the English capital city.

         In the original presentation you could click on the world and go to Google Earth to find London, or click on the map of Europe to go to  to find the names of European countries and their capitals. 
In the slide about the Queen you could hear the hymn "God Save Our Gracious Queen", in the slide about Big Ben you could hear its chime. These links are not active in the presentation, but you can easily go to the sites I mentioned to see the maps and download the hymn and the chime from the Internet.
        If you want your pupils to do the worksheets, I suggest you let them work in pairs and see the presentation through the blog, post: London (14th May 2011).
       Please, do let me know if you find the project interesting or if you have any comments!
Clare - the Witch