Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cave Paintings

Hello, everyone!

             How are you? Do you like cave paintings of animals and hunters made long long ago by prehistoric men? Watch this presentation (click on the arrow to turn the page):


        Try to remember the colours and animals you've seen: we're also painting our "cave" at school - are you ready?
Some pupils have already started:
Bye bye!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happy Easter!

Look at the four teams in class 3C: 

And look at us playing an Easter game:

Spring trees

Hello, everyone!
          How many seasons are there in a year? Four: summer, autumn, winter and SPRING!
This week we went to the school garden to observe our beautiful cherry tree. 
Then, back to the classroom, we painted our own cherry trees with... a little help from the kitchen: POPCORN!
        Of course part of the popcorn ended in our bellies! But you can see the rest of it on the trees:
YUM YUM! I like popcorn!!
Artists at work.
I'm looking forward to see the first swallow: please tell me when you see one!
I wish you a very happy spring!  Bye bye,

Clare - the Witch

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Food chain

Hello, everyone!
         Do you like animals? I do! Click on the picture, learn about animals build two different food chains:
Now build a food web:
And now click on the next picture:
The next link is very nice, but more difficult - it's really a pity videos are not available in my area!!!! (I've complained with BBC, but it's still not possible...)
You'll need some help also for the next link (for my pupils: we're watching the last two links after the Easter holidays)
MMM... all this talking about food made me hungry... I'll go and see if I can find my place in the food web!
Bye bye,