In this page I'd like to publish worksheets and ideas on various topics.
  • I'll start with SCHOOL SUBJECTS. If you wish to download a worksheet on the topic, click here:

  • Here's a game of Battleship to practise the names of VEHICLES:
  • If you want to practise NUMBERS, click on the following document: 
  •  For a communication game my pupils liked very much, see the documents in the collection GOING SHOPPING 
  • Click on the next picture to find some help in telling the story "JACK AND THE BEANSTALK". Please refer also to the post with the same name in the blog.
  • HALLOWEEN STORY: if you like the presentation in my post dated 22nd October 2011 with this title, you can download worksheets at this link:

I honestly don't remember where I took the story idea from, I made the pictures and the rest (apart from the house in the forest and the picture of the dark night in the file TextForChildren.pdf - I took those from
Please, let me know what you think.

  • Click on the picture and find worksheets and lesson plan for activites about the wonderful book by Eric Carle "BROWN BEAR, BROWN BEAR, WHAT DO YOU SEE?". The vocabulary refers to animals and colours and you can do listening, speaking, reading and writing activities.

  • Tell the kids the funny story "THE FROG AND THE PRINCE" (see post in the blog): you can use the pictures, full of details, to teach the rooms of the HOUSE, the furniture and place prepositions.
    Use the pictures also to ask children any other questions you've already taught, or ask them to describe the rooms using the structures "There's a...", "There are..."
    Click the picture to download a file with some questions.
    I first asked them orally to the children, introducing many new words, even "goblet" (picture 4), kettle (picture 3) or "jack-in-the-box" (picture 5) - some children are actually very good, I wanted to spur them -  then I showed them the questions on my whiteboard and asked them to write the answers as a test (I didn't give much importance to the correct spelling of all words, I wanted to see if they could understand the questions. It was also a good chance for more confident students to show what they could do!)

         This is the link to download the text of the story (two for each page) and also a fill-in-the-gaps text I           gave the children when we made a small book of this story:

  • A reading game my children enjoyed very much (see )  - simple present and daily routine - click the awards and dowload my worksheets:
  • After watching Michael Jackson's video of the song "Black or White" and doing the quiz at you can print and give the children these worksheets, so that they can revise some of the world landmarks:
  • A second reading game I did in my fifth year class concerns the life of Roald Dahl. I downloaded the fact cards from (thanks a lot!), You can download the cards and the worksheets for the game clicking the next picture:      

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