Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Union Jack

Do you like this flag? This flag is called THE UNION JACK and it is the flag of the United Kingdom, or Great Britain.
You can print and colour it, if you want. Click on the flag.

This flag is the sum of three other flags:
The flag of ENGLAND, with the cross of St George
The flag of SCOTLAND, with the cross of St Andrew
and the flag of IRELAND, with the cross of St Patrick.
I'm sure you'll like also this flag:
This is the flag of WALES.
I like this red dragon on a white and green field very much! If you also like it, you can print and colour this flag clicking on it. 
Together with England, Scotland and the North of Ireland, Wales is part of the United Kingdom.
Well, why don't you print and colour the flags and bring them to school?
Remember the name THE UNION JACK: I might ask you what it is so that you can explain your school friends.
I've got one question for you: What is the STARS AND STRIPES? You may remember we mentioned it at school... otherwise look it up on the Internet and tell me.