Tuesday, January 17, 2017

More about Food

Hi, everybody!
      How are you? I'm fine, but I'm hungry! My favourite food is chocolate ice cream. And what about you?
What's your favourite food? Please, let me know! Start playing games about FOOD:

Find the picture and the corresponding word in this game of pelmanism:
Other games of pelmanism: choose the topic first, FOOD or FRUIT or VEGETABLES, then choose number of cards and START:

Can you spell the words for food in English? Shoot the right balloons:
Click the picture, then START, then click WHAT WE EAT, click a food and then the right letters to write it, then click SUBMIT:
Click the picture, then choose the topic FOOD, click the correct letters to guess the word and... beware of the cat!!

The next game is more difficult: read the clue and write the name of the fruit:
Play pelmanism with food: click the picture, click VOCABULARY GAMES, click MEMORY,  click MATCH PICTURE - WORD:
Now write the words: click the picture, click SPELLING GAMES, click COLLECT THE STARS:
Click GRAMMAR and play the three listed games:
Well, now I'll go and eat a very big chocolate ice cream... YUM YUM!!!
Bye bye,


  1. come te mi piace il cioccolato e il formaggio ciao alice p3 c i saluto!!!!!!!!!

  2. che belli questi giochi ! grazie
    ciao da Valentina 3B