Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Food chain

Hello, everyone!
         Do you like animals? I do! Click on the picture, learn about animals build two different food chains:
Now build a food web:
And now click on the next picture:
The next link is very nice, but more difficult - it's really a pity videos are not available in my area!!!! (I've complained with BBC, but it's still not possible...)
You'll need some help also for the next link (for my pupils: we're watching the last two links after the Easter holidays)
MMM... all this talking about food made me hungry... I'll go and see if I can find my place in the food web!
Bye bye, 

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  1. Siamo contentissime di averti come insegnante, non esiste una maestra più brava di te!!! GRAZIEEEEE!!!
    Affettuosi saluti da Rebecca e Alice G.