Sunday, March 11, 2012

The human body

Hi, everyone!
            How are you? I'm fine!
Play this game of pelmanism with parts of the body:
Hit the balloons with the right letters to write words about body parts:
Now choose the parts of the body and make your own monster:
Click the picture, then SPELLING, then COLLECT THE STARS.
Look at the picture and write the name of that part of the body:
Click the picture, then VOCABULARY, then MEMORY, then MATCH PICTURE - WORD or MATCH WORD - WORD: 
Click the picture, then GRAMMAR, then BASKETBALL, choose 3 POINTS (the most difficult), or 2 POINTS or 1 POINT (the easiest), read the question, click the correct answer and then click SHOOT
Click the picture, then GRAMMAR, then THE PIRATE CHALLENGE (the N is missing...), PLAY GAME.
Read the question and click the words you need to write the answer, click CHECK and win golden coins!!!
I hope you had fun learning parts of the body, have a nice Sunday,

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  1. Hallo teacer!how are you?
    Adesso è molto tardi!
    E io adesso vado a letto.