Monday, January 16, 2012

Play with dinosaurs!

Hello, everyone!
           If you survived the videos on dinosaurs, you can now play with them.
Click on the picture and you can choose one of Dinosaur Train games:

Make your own dinosaur and give it a name:
Match each dinosaur with its shadow:
If you are a dino maniac and you know many dinosaurs names, you can try this hangman (I'm hopeless... as you can see from the picture...)
Imagine you're mummy dinosaur and you have to defend your babies from the attacks of hungry raptors... (apparently I'm not such a good mummy!)
Are you hungry? Catch fish with your sharp claws: (I starved to death after a few minutes...)
I hope you enjoyed yourself!  Bye bye - remember: you're a human, not  a dino, so please DON'T ROAR WHEN YOU'RE IN CLASS!!!


  1. ciao sono francesca come stai clare buone lezioni domani mattina ciao ciao

    1. Hello, Francesca!
      How are you?
      Do you like dinosaurs?
      Bye bye, Clare - the Witch