Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The water cycle

Hi, everybody!
      I'm sure your teacher told you the story of a drop of water and its journey to the sky and back to the earth.
Click on Drippy the Raindrop to see a video of his story:

      If you click on the next picture, you can download it and print it. You can then stick the picture to a sheet of construction paper and cover it with a plastic film: you have now a nice mat you can bring at school and put on your desk!

      Now watch another video on the water cycle:
     And another American video:
Do you know the story of Incy Wincy Spider, who is climbing up the spout when PRECIPITATION (rain!) starts??? He falls down, but then the sun shines again and there is EVAPORATION, so he climbs up again!
      I'm working on a paper spout and spider at the moment... I'll let you know when I'm ready...

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