Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What's the weather like?

Hello, everybody!
What's your favourite weather? My favourite weather is stormy, of course: I like to fly on my broomstick in a stormy sky! I'm very romantic! And yours? Click here and vote:

Scroll down a bit and find a video on weather - a bit slow and boring, but useful.

Here match the pictures and the phrases:
 Listen to the weather forecast and drag the weather symbol to the flag of the Country on the right - you have to be quick: in case you are not... click Play sound and you can listen to the speaker again.

A weather maze:

First review the vocabulary clicking Review, then play Game 1 or Game 2 (listening only exercise):
Match words and pictures:
An easy picture test for you:

Now try this quiz on weather - I warn you, you might find some words you don't know, but do try to think and answer!
And now play hangman:

      Well, now I'be better go: it's spring, the weather  is sunny and warm, so I can take my broom and..... WHOOSH! off I fly!
Clare - the Witch

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