Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What are you doing?

Hi, everyone!
         What are you doing? I'm sitting in the kitchen, the sun is shining, my black cat is running after a mouse, my bat is sleeping upside down, my frogs are swimming in the pond.
          Are you doing your homework? Now learn present continuous with these activities.
Watch this funny Simpson video:

In the next video, first you just watch, then you say the sentence:

 Try this funny game: choose your teacher's look (hair, eyes,...), then click on the pirate saying the right verb, roll the die and watch the teacher walk on the plank and... fall into the water!

 In the next game, shoot at the teachers invaders, then write the verb and click on Submit answer

Now insert the right verb - if you're good enough you can fling your teacher away!!!!! (hey! Poor teachers!)

       I hope you enjoyed yourself! Bye bye,
Clare - the Witch

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