Friday, February 25, 2011

What's your favourite school subject?

Hi, everybody!
     Can you guess my favourite subject?   Yes, it's ENGLISH, of course!!!!  
What about you? What's your favourite school subject?
Look at the chart to see the results of class 5D - Scuola Primaria G. Pizzigoni, Saronno, Italy - survey - many thanks to Davide for his notebook!
For each pupil, we assigned 3 points for his/her favourite subjects, 2 points for the second, 1 point for the third.
These are the results for the same survey in class 5B - thanks to Loris for his notebook!

Try this game about school subjects: click on the clues, read them, guess the subject, find it on the blackboard and circle the letters with the chalk:

I like the next game very much: read the clue, then spell the word clicking on the letters - don't do any mistakes: mind you don't squash the monkey!!!!!

And now, remember: DON'T CLICK ON THIS GAME!
I'm sure you don't want to hit your teachers with paper aeroplanes, do you?!

From the same site  I took this funny joke: What's a snake's favourite subject?   Hissssssssstory!
 Well, I hope you liked the games. Now it's time to do your homework! Come on, open your school bag and start working! As for me... I'll have a nap! RONF RONF RONF
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